A Head Full of Ethos

A holistic guide to developing and sustaining a positive school culture

By: Armando Di-Finizio


Size: 222m x 182mm

ISBN : 9781785835872

Format: Paperback

Published: November 2021

Availability: Forthcoming

A head teacher’s insightful and engaging account of how to go about developing a shared vision and threading it through the school’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations.

When one or more aspects of a school’s provision or curriculum breaks down, all too often the leadership team will jump from one idea to another in a bid to remedy the problem. This, however, can lead to blurred vision and possible confusion. Leaders may then wonder why the remedies aren’t working and are likely to scramble for more, hopefully better, ideas.

Armando Di-Finizio, however, believes that the key to success lies in the school’s ethos and in the daily manifestation of its underpinning principles.

A Head Full of Ethos weaves Armando’s experiences and lessons learned from his 30-plus years of school leadership into an engaging illustration of the principles which have supported him in developing new ideas, as well as adopting and adapting the ideas of others, in his varied settings. In doing so, Armando explores the elements that help contribute to nurturing a positive school ethos and how to go about securing buy-in from staff in cultivating a positive teaching and learning environment for pupils and staff alike.

Picture for author Armando Di-Finizio

Armando Di-Finizio

Armando Di-Finizio began teaching in 1987 and has since taught in seven schools in deprived areas of London, Bristol and Cardiff. With a guiding conviction that every child can go on to flourish in life, Armando has successfully led three schools from being among the lowest performing and highest excluding schools in the country to achieving outcomes above expectations for similar schools and zero exclusions. Armando's  innovative practices have been successfully applied in the many schools he has worked with and supported over the years.  


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