Health and well-being

From shedding a few pounds to improving your eyesight naturally, we've got a whole range of books using NLP, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and related techniques that will help you improve your lifestyle, motivate you to be more healthy and boost your well-being!

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52 New Things

The least famous Nick J. Thorpe in the world and his journey to conquer the boredom of modern life

A Mindset for Success

In your classroom and school

Be the Life and Soul of the Party

Socialising for Success

Behind With The Laundry and Living off Chocolate

Life Changing Strategies for Busy Women

Beside Yourself with Comfort

Hypnotic Help for Chronic or Acute Pain Relief CD

Bi-Polar Girl

An irreverent look at Bipolar Disorder


Coach Yourself to Feel Great

Calm Beneath the Waves

Help relieve panic, anxiety and desperation CD

Creative Intelligence and Self-Liberation - Revised Edition

Korzybski Non-Aristotelian Thinking and Enlightenment

Dreaming Realities

A Spiritual System To Create Inner Alignment Through Dreams