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Becoming a Teacher

The legal, ethical and moral implications of entering society’s most fundamental profession

By: Alan Newland


Size: 248mm x 185mm

ISBN : 9781785835681

Format: Paperback

Published: August 2021

Availability: Coming Soon

Provides an inspiring and motivating guide to embarking confidently on a career in teaching and, above all, acquiring and developing the essential character traits and values to flourish in it.

Accessible, readable and engaging, Becoming a Teacher draws on Alan Newland’s decades of professional work and academic study in education to set out the key principles for developing and understanding the professional values essential to becoming a good teacher.

The book features a constructive examination of the Teachers’ Standards and shares a series of illustrative scenarios, exemplar strategies and practical resources that will equip trainee teachers with easy-to-understand but justifiable rationales to deal with a range of contentious and sensitive issues they are likely to encounter during the course of their career.

It also explores a series of searching questions relating to the philosophical nature of teaching, the definitions of legal, ethical and moral responsibility as a teacher, and what it means – objectively – to be professional. Becoming a Teacher therefore serves as a professional studies course reader for trainees and NQTs, as well as a core text for tutors, lecturers, mentors and CPD managers delivering both the compulsory aspects of the ITT Core Content Framework for all qualified teacher status (QTS) courses and Early Career Framework CPD.

Picture for author Alan Newland

Alan Newland

Alan Newland spent 40 years as a teacher, lecturer, head teacher and advisor at the Department for Education and the General Teaching Council for England. He now writes and speaks on ethics and professional values in teaching, and presents lectures to hundreds of universities and school-centred initial teacher training (SCITTs) providers across the country. Alan also runs the award-winning social media network


  1. I highly recommend Becoming a Teacher as a core course text. It will be an invaluable companion for trainees throughout the PGCE year and support them during their ECT years too, and even for those contemplating a teaching career and preparing to apply.  
  2. What is appealing about Alan's book is that it encompasses so many crucial aspects of ITT. Not only does it relate to key legal elements of the role but has clear links to the Teachers' Standards and professional and personal attributes and values -“ essential for all teachers. We will be providing all of our trainees with a copy of the book at the start of our training programme.  
  3. This book is much needed in the ITT sphere, where new teachers grapple with the complexities of what it means to be a teacher. We will definitely use Becoming a Teacher with our ITT students, adding it to the essential reading list for professional studies.  
  4. Alan tackles a wide range of issues brilliantly in his book, with an extremely engaging style -“ covering topics that are of real significance and importance but are also very challenging.
  5. Becoming a Teacher has tremendous merit and value, providing a key point of reference for students. Alan addresses sensitive issues in depth -“ issues that often cause confusion and uncertainty among trainees and ECTs. The book's format also aligns with the way we encourage trainee teachers to approach their studies, which is to critically analyse and evaluate their practice and search for ways to strengthen and confirm their evolving teacher identities -“ so it will also appeal to all early career teachers.
  6. I would encourage all trainee teachers to read this book. Alan draws on his own experience to highlight the practical implications of each topic, making it relevant to all teachers, not just trainees. It should be an essential text for all ITT courses.  
  7. Alan's work has consistently been evaluated at a high level by our PGCE cohorts. We would certainly recommend his book to our PGCE trainees.  

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