The Don't Doubt the Rainbow Series

The Five Clues is the first instalment in the four-book Don’t Doubt the Rainbow series. The protagonist throughout is 13-year-old detective Edie Marble, but this is not a run-of-the-mill detective series.

Each book is an adventure story in its own right – set in a diverse range of settings from the south-east of England to Canada and Poland – and, over the course of the series, the reader will become familiar with the Three Principles. This approach is introduced generically – in terms of how characters negotiate situations and cope with psychological stresses in the stories – and also specifically through explanation of how the principles (thought, consciousness, and mind) operate, and how this understanding can facilitate good mental health.

As a result, this groundbreaking series will provide middle grade and early teen readers with psychological tools they can use to successfully navigate the challenges of their own lives.

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