Independent Thinking on Nature-Based Learning

Improving learning and well-being by teaching with nature in mind

By: Alexia Barrable

Published: August 2022

ISBN : 9781781354087

Size: 198 x 126mm

Pages : 150 (est)

Format: Paperback

Published: August 2022

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An engaging and insightful take on how educators can deliver more outdoor- and nature-oriented learning opportunities for the benefit of their pupils’ mental and physical well-being.

Foreword by Ian Gilbert.

At a time of unprecedented challenges in relation not only to the climate crisis but also to children’s and adolescents’ mental health, connecting to nature offers an accessible and desirable way forward for today’s learners – especially those living in urban surroundings. 

Bringing together evidence from psychology, environmental science and education, Alexia Barrable’s Independent Thinking on Nature-Based Learning aims to support teachers as they provide meaningful experiences rooted in learning about and through nature. The book can be used in two ways: to inspire individual sessions in nature, or to support teachers in building a cohesive outdoor-learning curriculum throughout the school. 

Featuring practical advice, case studies and discussion of original theory, the book aims to inspire, motivate and stimulate educators to engage with alternative approaches to teaching in the outdoors and with nature in mind – and in such a way that promotes students’ learning and fosters a long-lasting relationship with nature.

Suitable for teachers and outdoor-learning leaders in early years through to secondary schools.

Picture for author Alexia Barrable

Alexia Barrable

Dr Alexia Barrable was born in Greece and had a wild childhood climbing trees and rescuing tortoises. After moving to the UK in her early teens, she went on to study at Oxford and Cambridge, where she qualified as a teacher. Alexia has a PhD in psychology in education and conducts research on the human–nature relationship. She is passionate about spreading the word of the benefits of, and opportunities offered by, nature-based learning.


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