The Mindful Teacher's Handbook

How to step out of busyness and find peace

By: Kamalagita Hughes

Published: August 2022

Size: 222 x 182mm

Pages : 180 (est)

ISBN : 9781785836428

Format: Paperback

Published: August 2022

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A practical guide to mindfulness that will empower teachers and school staff to take better care of their well-being and find calm in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the school setting.

When we’re on an aeroplane, the on-board safety instructions tell us that in the event of an emergency we should put on our own oxygen mask first – and only then help those around us. The same is true for well-being: we need to look after ourselves in order to be a resource for others. This is especially the case in busy, high-pressure environments such as our classrooms and schools, where burnout is a real concern for teachers and leaders, who all too often relegate their own self-care to the bottom of the to-do list.

The Mindful Teacher’s Handbook is a practical and engaging resource to help everyone in schools bring mindfulness into their lives in a meaningful way. 

Mindfulness practice offers simple, straightforward strategies for finding peace and regaining perspective, and has a solid body of evidence that attests to its efficacy. In this book, Kamalagita Hughes provides a lively and engaging blend of top tips, research evidence, case studies, guided meditations and suggested exercises for all – both for those new to mindfulness and for those who want to refresh their practice.

Suitable for teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders.

Picture for author Kamalagita Hughes

Kamalagita Hughes

Kamalagita Hughes has been practicing mindfulness for 25 years and teaching it for 15. She is a qualified teacher and lecturer with substantial experience in the classroom and in teacher training, further education and higher education. Kamalagita is also the education lead for Mindfulness in Action and a lead trainer for the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP). 


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